Colorwash Wrap in Long Dog Yarns

Pattern:  Slow Curves by Joji Locatelli

Yarn:  Long Dog Yarn Single (100% superwash merino) – 1 skein/ea of Coral Charm, Jawbreaker, Sucker Punch, and Hydrangea

Needles:  US 6s

I love how this came out, but I don’t think I’d ever knit another one – at over 500 stitches per row by the end, it feels endless!  I confess that I probably skipped a few rows and sped it up a little at the end – just couldn’t stand it any longer – but I don’t think it came out any the worse for it 🙂

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One comment on “Colorwash Wrap in Long Dog Yarns

  1. Really gorgeous, love Long Dog Yarn!

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