Shades of Alpaca cardigan

This one goes in the “fail” category – I substituted yarn and I thought I got gauge, but it must not have been the case as this came out WAY too small.  I don’t like several of the design elements, as well – too much waist shaping for me, the sleeves don’t fit well at the shoulders (makes me look like a linebacker), and I don’t like how the collar turned out (I like the idea of folding the collar over to make it double-thick, but when I knit the button bands up to the sides of the collar, one side tweaked out really badly and I couldn’t fix it, even with blocking).

Pattern:  White Pepper Cardigan by Alicia Plummer
Yarn:  Hinterland Range (50% alpaca / 50% wool) – four skeins in Maple, with partial skeins in Honey and Snow for the sleeve striping
Needles:  US 8s (I tried going up a size to get bigger gauge, but it made the fabric too open and floppy)
Size:  41″

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One comment on “Shades of Alpaca cardigan

  1. I like the stripey sleeves though. This will make a great gift for someone. Your work is not wasted.

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