Crossback Apron for my wool& dress

I sewed this up to wear over my new wool& dress (which I love and wear almost every day!)

Pattern: Crossback Apron by Purl Soho

Fabric: Purl Soho Watercolor Linen – 1 3/4 yards in Faded Indigo

The pattern was free, and while simple and easy to sew, it had some nice details – for instance, french seams make the interior of the apron as neat and clean as the exterior. I love the deep, angled pockets!

If it was a little less apron-like, I could wear it as a pinafore over the dress – that’s what I was hoping for. But unfortunately, I think if I wore it out in public, people would say, why is she wearing an apron? It is, indisputably, an apron 🙂 So I guess I’ll keep it to wear around the house to protect the dress.

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