Blush cabled socks

Yarn: bleu poussi̬re Aries in color Blush Рfingering weight (80% merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon) Р350m

Needles: US 3s

Pattern: Irish Oats

* I had plenty left over, so I should have made the leg several inches longer – I see the appeal of toe-up socks, you can just knit until you’ve used up half of the skein! These are too short for my liking (as it is, I did two extra 4-stitch repeats on the left, but it is still too short).

* The fit is a little small overall, as well (I swatched for gauge, but it’s always possible that I ended up a little off!) The yarn is fingering weight and the pattern calls for sport weight, but it seemed like a very plump, round and relatively heavy fingering weight, and I was able to get gauge when swatching, so I hoped that it would work. I wouldn’t advise going up a needle size, because it would make the stitches too loose – probably just not the best match of yarn and pattern.

* I love this yarn and would definitely knit with it again – the structure is wonderful, and the botanical dye creates such a soft, beautiful hue. However, the yarn dyer doesn’t sell directly – only through yarn stores – and almost all of her retailers are in Canada and difficult to order online. I was lucky to find a few skeins of the fingering weight Aires at Starlight Knitting Society.

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