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As anyone who loves hand works can tell you, it’s twice as much fun when you can share what you love with others who have the same passion!  A little about me:  I’m the mom of three daughters and much of my time goes toward Springwater Environmental Sciences School, the public charter school that I founded when my oldest daughter began 1st grade.  I’m a practicing attorney, but would rather spend my time on our twenty-acre farm, working in the veggie garden and the rose garden, caring for our menagerie of animals (alpacas, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and fish!)  I wanted my girls to grow up in a place where they could run and play and learn about nature through their own back yard . . .

But my real love is hand crafts – of all kinds, every time I turn around, there’s something new I want to learn!  I came to this love relatively late in life, not until after I began a family, and it started with my self-taught passion for quilting.  It’s since broadened to include photography, mosaics, preserving fruits and vegetables, embroidery, sewing (of all kinds!), and, most particularly, knitting.  I’m a yarn addict!  I think it’s the never-ending variety of colors and textures – I love more than anything playing with color.  I’d love to add spinning, working with natural dyes, and weaving to my list, but I’m trying to pace myself!

Thank you for visiting my blog – I’d love to read your comments and ideas, and hope you’ll share what you’re working on with me.  You can reach me via e-mail at andrea.hungerford@mac.com.  Welcome!

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15 comments on “About

  1. You have a delightful website. I found you via your comment on Purl Soho on the recent scarves.

    I’d love to subscribe via email. Is it possible?

  2. I found your little birdie project bags posted on line and love them. Do you have a pattern with the dimensions that you used for your bags that I can purchase?

  3. Beautiful Blog. I enjoyed the gardening ideas and will enjoy exploring your blog

  4. I’m a fan girl! Love your site, you knitting, yarn choices, gardening ideas… your philosophy. And the beautiful photographs.

  5. Hi, can i subscribe to your blog via email? I see I’m not the only one to ask! 🙂

  6. hi, just found you thru purl soho, your work is lovely!

    did you keep track of how many squares yo made of each color?


    • I used 41 different colors, and there are 100 blocks, so I knit two of every color – then I was still short 18 blocks, so there are 18 where I knit three of every color.

  7. I see you were in my neck of the woods, Port Townsend! I hope you enjoyed this area as much as I do. Did you know the falls at Snoqualamie are the ones in the shows Twin Peaks as was the lodge? Little bit of trivia.

    I very much enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love your Alki beach hoodie sweater. Are you able to sell the pattern?

  9. Lovely lovely website.
    I’d love to have that beautiful little apple blossom dress pattern if possible.

  10. Will you be printing anymore of the “By Hand Serial Lookbooks” No 1 Portland OR?

  11. Hi I am interested in the galvanized planter boxes. Does the galvanized metal make the soil get too warm in the heat of summer?

  12. Hi – I am interested in the galvanized metal planter boxes. Does the metal make the soil too warm in the heat of summer?

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